D O W N   T I M E


‘You should try to figure out something productive to do during downtime even if it is not all that profitable’


As the global economy appears as either runaway or perpetually on the cusp of imminent free fall, Franco Bifo Berardi encouragingly suggests that its collapse heralds the birth of the soul. So what if we did do something ‘profitable’ while the machine is idle, management is distracted and the smell of decay is in the air? Perhaps begin a kind of reconfiguration.

Through a playful exploration of ‘down time’ the subversive possibilities of the workplace as a site of affect and contradiction are put to creative and critical use.


Static Culture


Static Culture is here to unfold the capitalist potentials of maximised algae production by the means of virtual and speculative machines.

Algae has been identified as a future biofuel producer, a health food and as a host body for genetic engineering and nuclear encoding. Algae could be a vessel for sustainable living practices. Static Culture however, chooses to accent how Algae is also a representative of our capitalist, white supremacist, patriarchal, heteronormative culture. A capitalism that is convinced that it envelops and steers other apparently, silent bodies. 

In 2017, it’s the end of the world, capitalism is asked to save itself through the very logic of its demise. A growing tank of algae stands in with its very banality, for the frightening implications of such a logic.