Past your bed time, but we stayed up late
Rebekah Rasmussen and Selva Rasmussen
Main Space
19/04/18 - 12/05/18

"...Motherhood is collaboration: a shifting, plucking and pulling forward of compatible elements, with information and support feeding not one, but both ways...." from text on the show by Connah Podmore.

Texts by Connah Podmore
Design by Backlog Studio/ Milan de Maule

Defrag phase shift_9 final.jpg

Defrag Phase Shift
Poppy Lekner
The Yellow Room
19/04/18 - 12/05/18

“Using alternative photographic and painting processes to experiment with light, form and materiality...” Poppy Lekner


Texts by Sondra Bacharach
Design by Backlog Studio/ Milan de Maule